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Nicole Black’s Weekly Legaltech Linkblog on LinkedIn is a Jewel

Nicole Black’s Weekly Legatech linkblog on LinkedIn is a jewel.

As Niki put it today, “Now that my work travel has settled down for a bit, my weekly “legaltech news roundups” are back! Here’s some news that caught my eye this week.”

She then shared, with some brief commentary, five legaltech “news clips.” Readers could share commentary as comments on LinkedIn.

Totally reminded me of the link blog days. Say what?

A link blog is a type of blog that primarily consists of links to other websites, articles, or online content, often accompanied by brief descriptions or commentary from the blogger.

The purpose of a link blog is to curate and share relevant information on specific topics, acting as a resource where readers can discover a collection of external content that the blogger finds valuable or interesting.

Link blogs were particularly popular in the early days of blogging, serving as a way for individuals to share and comment on the content they encountered on the web. They allowed bloggers to highlight and recommend resources to their audience without the need for in-depth original content on every post.

I ran a Linkblog down the side or across the top of this blog for a good while.

Link blogs can serve various purposes, such as aggregating news, providing insights into industry trends, or simply sharing interesting finds related to a hobby or interest.

While the prevalence of link blogs has evolved with the rise of social media and other content-sharing platforms, they still exist and can be a valuable tool for building community, sharing knowledge, and establishing thought leadership in a specific field.

Niki is certainly building community She’s already had 31 reactions and six or seven comments to the items shared.

If you want to keep up with Niki’s legaltech roundups, make sure to follow this hashtag, #nbroundups, and also click on the bell next to he name to receive updates on all of her posts.

The linkblog lives! Just in a different place.