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Unveiling the Truth Behind ABA TechShow’s ‘Beer for Bloggers’ Event (Next Friday)

February 8, 2024

The 16th Annual ABA Techshow Beer for Bloggers hosted by the ABA Journal and LexBlog will be next Friday from 5:30 to 7:00 at Lizzie McNeill’s, 400 McClurg Court, across from the hotel on the Chicago River. All are invited, blogger or not.

When I asked my friend “G” (ChatGPT) if she had the right description for the event, there appeared to be a “slight”hallucination.

Heard of LexBlog’s beer for bloggers?”

“Yes, LexBlog’s “Beer for Bloggers” is a marketing initiative by LexBlog, a company that provides blogging and marketing solutions for legal professionals. The idea behind “Beer for Bloggers” is to encourage legal bloggers to contribute to their blogs regularly by providing them with a case of craft beer each month as a reward for their efforts. It’s a unique approach to incentivize content creation within the legal blogging community.”

No one attending, even the bloggers, will be receiving a case of beer a month. And I checked with Finance that we’ve not been sending out a few thousand cases of craft beer a month from a warehouse like the above warehouse G says LexBlog is using..

If there were such a promotion, and there’s not, I asked G if you have to write your blog as a lawyer to qualify for a case of craft beer a month or do the content marketers who write blog posts in the lawyer’s name also qualify for a case of beer a month. I liked her answer.

“The specifics of LexBlog’s “Beer for Bloggers” program may vary, but typically, it’s designed to reward active legal bloggers who contribute to their blogs regularly” to which she continued “the program is intended to incentivize lawyers to write and publish blog content…”

The description of Beer for Bloggers at the top of Google is best,

Beer for Bloggers (BfB) is an event organized by LexBlog that brings members of the blogging, legal and marketing profession together to discuss publishing, and most importantly drink beer.

We’ll add legal tech professionals, too.

See you at Lizzie’s in Chicago.