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10 Reasons Lawyers and Law Firms Should Consider Individual Lawyer Blogs

January 29, 2024

When LexBlog, Inc. kicked off legal blogging, twenty years ago, there were few, if any “group blogs.”

Lawyers in large law firms published their own individual blogs as part of their effort to generate work for themselves and their firm.

With so many group law blogs (multiple lawyer blogs), today, I thought it worth sharing why individual law blogs in large, medium or small law firms can be so effective for business development – for the lawyer and the law firm.

Here’s ten reasons.

  1. Building a Recognizable Personal Brand: This recognition translates into attracting clients who are seeking specific legal skills and knowledge from an individual. When I practiced it was said clients hired a lawyer, not a firm.
  2. Establishing Authority in a Legal Niche: Regular, insightful blogging on specific legal topics can position a lawyer as an authority in that niche which leads to clients choosing them over competitors at possibly higher hourly rates.
  3. Enhancing Online Visibility and SEO: Niched focus content which does not have as much competition and which is cited (linked to) is going to rank better on search and be seen on other influential publications when cited.
  4. Creating and Strengthening Client Relationships: Through blogging, lawyers can personally keep clients informed about legal updates and insights, fostering trust and long-term relationships. Satisfied clients are more likely to return and refer others.
  5. Networking and Referrals: An individual blog is an excellent tool for networking within the legal and business community and beyond. Not only via the blog, but via engagement that ensues on LinkedIn from the blog post being shared. These connections often lead to direct inquiries and referrals.
  6. Direct Client Engagement and Interaction: Clients reading a lawyer’s post via email updates from the blog and emails from a lawyer to clients with accompanying blog posts and ensuing interaction can lead to new client inquiries and business opportunities.
  7. Differentiation from Competitors: A unique, well-crafted blog can set a lawyer apart from their peers in a large firm, attracting clients who are looking for personalized and specialized legal services. (Can be a benefit to the law firm)
  8. Increased Firm Business: Individual blogs often outpace the revenue generated from group blogs. More work is generated by the idividual lawyer’s blog than she can do, with the firm being the beneficiary of the work and revenue.
  9. Media and Conference Appearances: Niche authorities are routinely called upon by associations and conferences to speak, giving the legal blogger greater visibility and networking opportunities.
  10. Personal Pride and Passion: When your personal name is on the line, you’re passionate about the subject, you’re loving the notoriety you’re gaining, you’re feeling the pride of supporting your family, even more than others, and you’re having fun, you don’t stop blogging.

There are so many successful legal bloggers – defined as building a name and a huge book of business – who have blogged alone for a decade or more.

Taking a step back and learning from these lawyers could be a step forward for you and your firm.