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AI Has All Your Law Blog Content, And That May Be Very Good

January 22, 2024

AI’s scraping and copying all of my blog posts has been a big plus for me.

As context, I have probably written more on the subject of legal blogging than anyone. Twenty years on the same subject.

The big plus is that nine thousand blog posts of mine later we have come to the days of AI.

When I am looking to write posts to help lawyers in their thirties, who were ten years old when I started, I often look to AI to help frame ideas, for some feedback and more. I use ChatGPT-4 via OpenAI and via Lou AI on the LexBlog platform.

There are new subjects expanding off legal blogging and social media and there are many lessons and subjects I want to cover for lawyers who have not had the benefit of my “teaching.” After all, books have three or four editions.

Using AI as an assistant in blogging is a nice benefit when your writing represents more writing on the subject than perhaps anyone else’s. The AI corpus on blogging for lawyers may be most of my content.

Imagine a library reference desk assistant leaning over your shoulder with ideas, copy and feedback while you are writing an article or blog post.

They’ll share that you previously wrote about the subject you are now addressing, what you had to say, how others responded to your earlier post, how others have addressed the subject before or afterwards, and offer suggestions as to how you may make your copy a little more professional and down to earth than than your previous writing.

They may also suggest adding items from other blog posts on your blog or elsewhere.

All of that molded and ready for your prompts as you look for an assistance or editing in your blogging.

Keeping your content out of AI seems short sighted, if you ask me.

Not only are you shortchanging the advancement of the law, but if you’re blogging on a tight niche, you have an incredible publishing assistant and editor at your disposal.