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What’s Next? AI Generated News Shows

December 14, 2023

What’s more important? From whom we get the news or that we get the news in the first place?

We may find that out in this day of AI.

Sam Shedden of ReadWrite reports that Channel 1 News, an American media startup, has released a demo of its AI-generated news show.

Twenty-one minute news shows, set to launch next year, feature AI-rendered avatar news anchors presenting a news segment at a time.

Channel 1, founded by film producer, Scott Zabielski and media entrepreneur, Adam Mosam, aims to produce 500 to 1000 segments a day. That’s right, 500 to 1000 segments, daily.

The shows will be available through an add-supported app or video platforms.


Looks a little crazy with all the AI generated news reporting, but Shedden is told humans are still integral to the process, with live editors and producers checking the accuracy of the content.

You can’t make up the news, itself.

The news stories will be sourced from “trusted news sources,” likely mainstream newswires. The company also plans to use AI technology for translation and creation of footage where cameras were not present. In cases of AI-generated imagery, onscreen graphics will indicate the alterations.

How so? From Channel 1:

We’ll also be using artificial intelligence technology in a number of other ways. For instance, thanks to our translation capabilities we can feature on-the-ground, real-life reporters from around the world to get you closer to a particular story. In other cases, it’s even possible to create footage of events where cameras were not able to capture it.

I’m not sure we’re at AI generated video blog reporting yet. But I was imagining, today, lawyers wanting to report on a very tight niche in a particular jurisdiction having AI summarize relevant cases, code, regulations and news fed to AI for summaries delivered to subscribers.

We’re only nine months into AI. Imagine what’ll be seeing in a year’s time.