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Legal Case Summaries For Blogging On Lou AI

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December 6, 2023

Talking to teammates today in preparation for my webinar on blogging with AI on Thursday, I discovered something pretty cool. Link to the webinar, by the way,

I can find a case I am familar with on Casetext, chose one in which I was sued for defamation by an insurance company I was suing on behalf of a client, while I was practicing.

Assuming I want to blog about the case which was dismissed on the insurance company’s appeal, I need a summary of the appellate court’s decision.

How do I get the summary? Before AI, I wade through the case and prepare a summary the way I may have done so as a clerk during law school.

Today, I use AI to do a summary – at least for purposes of webinar prepping – to show how case summaries are done.

Rather than using ChatGPT, I used an AI Assistant that as an intuitive interface and is seamlessly integrated into my legal blogging platform – Lou on LexBlog, Inc.

With the insertion of the url, asking that the summary be bulleted and be writtten in the tone of the source (the clerk or judge who wrote the decision), I receive the below.

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company’s defamation claim against attorney Kevin O’Keefe and his law firm, Parke O’Flaherty, Ltd., was dismissed by the court.
  • The case revolved around an advertisement O’Keefe placed in a newspaper, seeking information about Liberty Mutual’s delay or failure to pay claims or losses.
  • Liberty Mutual demanded a retraction of the advertisement, which O’Keefe refused, leading to the lawsuit.
  • The court found that the advertisement is not capable of a defamatory meaning, as there can be legitimate reasons for an insurance company to delay paying a claim.
  • The court also noted that the context of the advertisement – a lawyer seeking information for a case – would be interpreted as such by the public, not as a statement about Liberty Mutual’s business ethics.
  • The court affirmed the trial court’s summary judgment dismissing Liberty Mutual’s complaint, though it did not address the trial court’s conclusion that O’Keefe’s advertisement was absolutely privileged.
  • The court suggested that the wording of the advertisement could have been clearer to avoid the lawsuit.

So much to imagine here.

Blogging lawyer providing their insight and commentary around the summary, or portaions of the summary. Tailored email summary then goes, via Lou AI, to selected clients and referral sources. Social sharing for LinkedIn with insight prepared by Lou AI is posted to LinkedIn, directly.

Amplification of a lawyer’s insight never possible before in a fraction of the time had it been tried.