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Blogging With AI : Webinar With Me This Thursday

December 5, 2023

Join me Thursday at 11 AM PT for a Webinar on Blogging With AI. Register here.

More than a prompt or two, integrating AI into your blogging is an art.

Not to create an “artificial blog post,” but to amplify your insight, experience and care. To build trust, to further build a name and build your book of business.

I’ll cover:

  • Intro to AI in Blogging: How AI is Changing Blogging
  • Choosing the Right AI Assistant
  • Integrating AI into Your Blogging Workflow
  • Content Generation with AI : Embracing Collaborate Blogging
  • Enhancing Blog Quality with AI
  • SEO with AI Assistance
  • Engaging Your Audience Using
  • Ethical Considerations and Best Practices
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: AI Trends in Blogging

If you have questions, bring them with you.

I am hoping to do monthly webinars on blogging with AI. We may not get through everything I listed above and I seem to be learning new ideas with each day I read about writing with AI.

AI is changing blogging, forever. More insightful blogging from experienced lawyers, more niches covered, building a name more quickly and greater access to greater secondary law, for all.

See you there. Here’s the link for registration, again.

Thank you to Claire Nelson, who heads marketing at LexBlog, for pulling this webinar together.