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Legal Bloggers Using AI Distinguish Between Constructed And Created Content

November 30, 2023

Ran across an article by the founder of Social Media World, Michael Steltzer, about content marketing in the age of AI.

I liked the concept of ‘created’ versus ‘constructed’ writing, a distinction traced back to Charles Dickens.

The difference offers insight for legal bloggers on the application of AI in their blogging.

‘Created’ content refers to ideas or expressions born from one’s own passion, experience, insight and care.

‘Constructed’ content is more utilitarian, like street signs or legal documents, appreciated more for its utility after creation.

Generative AI, Stelzer suggests, is better suited for constructed content, as it reassembles existing information into something new but lacks the originality and emotional depth of human-created content.

Music to the ears of legal bloggers, Stelzer emphasizes the value of human creativity and authorship in ‘created’ content.

Stelzer argues that while AI can assist in generating ideas and streamlining workflow, it cannot replace the unique intent and passion of a human author.

For example, let’s say Stephen King has a new book out. He used AI to create it. But his name is on it. If it’s good, you might love it just as much as something Stephen King himself created. He probably isn’t going to love it as much, but if it’s something he created and authored, and you know it’s created by him, you’re going to put more value on it. In other words, your audience places more value on the storyteller, not just the story being told.

Rather than automating creation, use AI as a research assistant for generating ideas and accelerating portions of your workflows rather than an author. Human creativity, intent, and authorship remain essential for resonating created content. Focus your creativity on content only you can create while leveraging AI to bolster productivity on your rote content needs. 

Passion, experience and care are the makings of a legal blogger. Readers value these traits in your writing and draw them to your blogging

Use AI as an assistant for ideas, summation, grammar, social media and more. AI will amplify your passion, experience and care.