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Selling the Vision of Blogging With an AI Powered Assistant to Lawyers and Law Firms

November 13, 2023

Twenty years ago I started building and selling blogs for lawyers as LexBlog, Inc.

Knowing blogs were the perfect fit for lawyers to grow their business and that lawyers wouldn’t touch something (blogs) they had never heard of without a turnkey solution, I crafted a soup to nuts, fully guaranteed blog solution.

It was so good I had all of five customers by the end of the first year. Five.

By the end of the second year, 2005, I had thirty-seven customers.

Was I disappointed? Hardly.

Guy Kawasaki’s ‘Art of the Start,’ a bible for startups, talked of knowing you have a product only when other people start taking money out of their pockets and putting it in your pocket.

People were taking money out of the their pockets and putting it mine. Admittedly not enough to support a family, but more than enough to support my vision that blogging was a great way for lawyers to build a name, establish relationships, and make money.

LexBlog launched Lou, an AI powered publishing assistant on its platform, one month ago.

Best I know, lawyers and legal marketing professionals had never seen an AI powered blog assistant. Heck, I hadn’t, months before that.

Legal professionals, including the legal press, though, got pretty excited about Lou and what it could do.

LexBlog is out talking to law firms and lawyers about Lou and what an AI powered publishing assistant can do for legal writers and publishers.

Is the cash pouring in? Not a ton of it, but that’s okay.

We are finding that Lou is a product, legal professionals see the potential of AI and LexBlog has more lawyers and law firms who want to talk to us than in a long time.

Five in the first year and thirty-seven in the second year? I think Lou will eclipse LexBlog’s start

The key is selling the dream (the vision of publishing with AI to help lawyers and the public) and understanding dreams are not realized overnight.