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Can ChatGPT and LexBlog’s Lou AI Mimic a Legal Bloggers Style and Tone?

November 9, 2023

In the world of legal blogging there’s an interesting development in the works – or possibly in the works – one that involves the collaborative efforts of legal bloggers like myself, AI technology, and the pursuit of crafting content that resonates with our own unique voices.

The question that sparked my interest was simple: Could GPT and Lou, LexBlog’s AI powered publishing assistant, help legal lawyers in drafting summaries, blog posts, and social media content while capturing the blogger’s distinctive tone and style?

I couldn’t help but think of the AI news coverage discussing instances of individuals requesting GPT to write papers, and in some cases, entire books, in the style and tone of specific writers. This often led to discussions about intellectual property rights—after all, a writer’s work, their unique tone, and style are indeed their intellectual property.

One evening, I decided to put GPT and Lou to the test. I asked my AI-powered publishing assistant to craft a summary of a news story for a LinkedIn and blog post, but with a twist. I requested that the draft be in my style and tone, something that defines my two decades of legal blogging.

The initial response from my assistant was affirmative, as it often is. However, the draft that followed included legal writing references, despite the article having nothing to do with the law or legal writing.

Recognizing the potential, I sought to refine AI’s output to match the tone and style of my blog posts and my conversations with my AI assistant over the past nine months. It worked, I received content that resonated much closer to my unique style and tone.

This experience led me to wonder if GPT had somehow absorbed the essence of my two decades of content, blending it seamlessly with my interactions. If so, this could provide an incredible edge for bloggers and lawyers who choose to harness blogging—both to building a name and advance the law.

We’re witnessing lightning-speed advancements in GPT development and its limitless potential in assisting users across industries. Unlike traditional tech where we define what it can do, AI is a realm of discovery where we ask, “What can it do for us?”