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We’re at the Wright Brothers Stage in AI, No One Can Foresee Its Future

November 2, 2023

Most of us look at the recent advances in AI as revolutionary.

The fact is we’re just getting off the ground – the future is beyond the scope our limited imaginations, says Terrence Sejnowski, a distinguished professor in the Department of Neurobiology at UC San Diego.

In a recent piece in UC San Diego Today,

Sejnowski refers to this moment in history as “the Wright brothers stage,” drawing a parallel to the first powered flight in 1903, which spanned a few hundred yards and reached an altitude of just 10 feet. At the time, no one — not even the Wright brothers themselves — understood just how significant this achievement was, or the ways in which aviation would one day transform the world. 

Sejnowski warns us to be on guard when being pitched as to what AI can do to reinvent their future.

I would not believe anything that anybody said about predicting the future because I don’t think we have a good enough imagination to know where things are headed. Whenever you have a new technology, it plays out in ways you can’t imagine.

Sejnowski is no slouch on the AI front. A trailblazer in the development of deep learning and neural networks since the 1980s, Sejnowski worked alongside prominent figures such as Geoffrey Hinton, widely recognized as the “godfather of AI.”

LexBlog finds itself among many other legal tech companies introducing an AI solution, ours an AI powered publishing assistant for lawyers by the name of Lou.

I’ve heard words thrown around our team describing Lou as a game changer and revolutionary. I’m sure I’ve said as much.

The truth is neither LexBlog nor our law firm customers have the imagination to know where things are headed with AI in legal writing and publishing.

Despite this uncertainty, it’s important for legal tech companies and law firms to embrace AI, today.

By integrating AI into our current products and practices, we position ourselves at the forefront of innovation, reaping the immediate benefits AI offers in enhancing efficiency and amplifying our work, while shaping the future of AI in legal publishing.

At LexBlog, our responsible approach is to develop for the future while offering AI solutions that law firms can utilize today.

I just hope law firms won’t be as skeptical as to the benefits of AI as they would have been as to the future of flight.