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Balancing AI and Human Expertise in Legal Blogging is Key for SEO on Google

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October 31, 2023

Many legal professionals are under the impression that AI writes content for lawyers and law firms looking to achieve search engine rankings.


In a long and well reasoned piece in Search Engine Land, Marcus Miller addresses the challenges and opportunities of using generative AI in content creation, especially from an SEO perspective.

Miller emphasizes the need for a balanced approach, warning against the temptation to automate content production using AI, as it could result in SEO pitfalls.

The key points that Google is looking for in content, according to Miller, can be summarized by the acronym E-E-A-T:

  1. Experience. The personal experience of the author should be clearly demonstrated in the content.
  2. Expertise. The content should be based on the author’s proven expertise in the subject matter.
  3. Authority. Both the author and the website publishing the content should be authoritative sources on the topic.
  4. Trust. The author and the website should be trustworthy, meaning the information provided is accurate and reliable.

These criteria align perfectly with lawyers looking to make a name for themselves as a trusted, experienced and caring lawyer through blogging and other writing.

AI can be a powerful tool for assisting in content creation, per Miller, but it shouldn’t replace the human element of expertise and experience.

Certainly that’s been our goal with Lou, the AI powered publishing assistant running on the LexBlog, Inc. platform.

The integration of AI assists blogging lawyers in various tasks, but with the expertise and authority clearly coming from the legal professionals themselves, in order to maintain high-quality and credible posts and articles – not just for Google, but also for the lawyer’s audience of clients, prospective clients and influencers.