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Risks From AI May Be Very Low, Per Many Experts

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October 26, 2023

Discussion of the dangers of AI is prevalent in the legal profession. However, the risks from AI may be very low.

Dan Milmo of The Guardian reports on UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak speaking today about both the opportunities and dangers presented by AI in advance of an AI summit taking place next week.

Artificial intelligence brings new dangers to society that must be addressed “head on”, the prime minister will warn on Thursday, as the government admitted it could not rule out the technology posing an existential threat.

Rishi Sunak will refer to the “new opportunities” for economic growth offered by powerful AI systems but will also acknowledge they bring “new dangers” including risks of cybercrime, designing of bioweapons, disinformation and upheaval to jobs.

A government document released ahead of the summit acknowledges the risks associated with advanced AI systems (gaining control of financial or weapon systems), but the paper also emphasizes that many experts consider such risks to be very low.

The document also points at that while AI poses challenges, including cybercrime, disinformation, and job upheaval, its potential existential risks are generally considered to be low by experts.

Note also that Sunak has declined to support a moratorium on advanced development of the technology.

I don’t think it’s practical or enforceable. As a matter of principle, the UK has rightly been an economy and society that has encouraged innovation for all the good that it can bring. And I think that is the right approach.

Challenges from innovation, for all the good it can bring, may be a better way for legal to look at AI than significant risks.