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What is AI in Legal Publishing for? Who is it for?

September 13, 2023

Seth Godin’s post yesterday was spot on as to internal discussions at LexBlog, Inc. on why an AI powered publishing assistant on our publishing platform.

What’s this AI asssiant for? How will we know it worked?

From Seth,

Engineering is the powerful practice of being able to deliver artifacts that do what they’re supposed to. Bridges that don’t fall down, software that runs, IV lines that don’t get infected.

But if we want to create something, it helps to know what it’s for.

That simple question, “what’s it for?” is essential to ask and easy to avoid.

If you’re about to spend time and money and effort to create something, how will you know if it worked? What needs to happen to make it worth it?

And of course, not just bridges. Meetings. Memos. A family gathering.

And yes, marketing.

Who’s it for?

What’s it for?”

I am proud as all get out of our team’s work on the deployment of AI – development, customer support, customer education, marketing and sales.

The why feels bigger though. What’s our purpose?

Will an AI powered publishing platform further democratize legal publishing and make publishing lawyers quicker, more efficient, smarter, and better communicators, on which ever ares of the law they write. Have we amplified their voice?

Will we have provided greater access to legal services and information – through more lawyers blogging on more niche subjects from more jurisdictions.

And finally, are we advancing secondary law in ways never done before. Secondary law is no longer the sole province of academics, practicing lawyers play a large role today.

Yep, engineering is key, but amplifying the voice of the passionate, providing greater access to legal services and information and advancing secondary law is what AI is for when it comes to legal publishing.