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Blogging, With AI, Expedites – Dramatically – Legal Insight and Commentary on Primary Law

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Immigration lawyer, and one of the first lawyers to publish to the net, Greg Siskind, shared on LinkedIn last night that GPT4 reduced a 500 page immigration bill introduced yesterday by Representatives Escobar and Salazar.

Siskind says, “In the past, I would have camped out at a Starbucks and probably spent a day producing a summary like this.”


Siskind probably needed the summary for work – though being a prolific publisher on immigration matters, he may have used the summary for publicly sharing insight on the bill.

In any case, look at the implications here, not just in the practice of the law, but in advancing the law.

Two times in just this week I was in discussions that though AI is going to nail questions/conversations relating to primary law – cases, codes/statutes, constitutions, regulations, and case law – AI could struggle when it comes to interpretation, analysis, insight and commentary on primary law.

In which case we need the insight and commentary of lawyers with passion and expertise to share their insight in order to fill in the blanks for large language models such as those used by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Thousands of lawyers have published legal blogs on niches by following recent developments in primary law, providing a summary of the case, code or reg and then providing analysis.

Analysis they’re best equipped to provide because of their passion and expertise in the niche.

I guess it’s only hundreds of lawyers focusing on ultra niche and following this same process.

Taking Siskind’s example, lawyers can cover ultra niches with a blog – or maybe publishing direct to a legal library such as the Open Legal Blog Archive in a fraction of time that they do – or could – today.

I say “could,” because, with AI, lawyers don’t have the time to provide such insight and commentary.

Beyond the benefit to lawyers building names and authority in niches, we advance law – again, especially in niches – at a clip far greater than today.

Thanks Greg, for prompting this idea. Appropriate, coming from the Godfather of Internet marketing for lawyers – marketing through publishing to help people.