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The World Changes and We Have a Choice

February 6, 2023

The world changes and we have a choice, writes marketer and author, Seth Godin.

  • Fight hard to keep it the way it was.
  • Notice what happened and then decide to do something with that insight.

I’d add a third.

  • Take advavanatge of the changes to develop solutions and companies serving people.

Godin was referring to AOL’s paying royalties to content providers. Godin’s largest client devloped a method to make money from royalties. Than AOL changed to flat monthly pricing and their royalties went to zero.

I was thinking just this afternoon – that folks in the legal industry will face AI in three ways.

Like the Internnet, AI is coming at us fast – much faster.

Some will fight hard to keep things the way it is. Arguing that only lawyers can do things the way they do them.

Others will notice what happened and follow along, hoping to take advantage of products devloped from existing and new legal companies. There is some risk here in that the solutions developed may eliminate part of or all of their business.

The risk takers – and opportunitiusts – will take advantage of the change by leveraging the solutions being developed to enhance their business offering – or make it more efficient – to better serve customers.

The third group will also involve those who start new businesses, altogether, harnessing these new tools to meet legal needs.

As Godin says,

The world is changing faster than ever. Sometimes for the better. Always giving us a choice to react or respond.