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Lawyers are Already Using ChatGPT in Practice Everyday

February 3, 2023

Lawyers are using ChatGPT everyday, whether in practice or in business.

From a lawyer in the Midwest,

I got on the paid plan yesterday and have a plugin for g sheets and g docs and it’s a whole step up in terms of speed and utility. it’s not good at everything yet but it’s really really helpful already.

And from a lawyer out here,

I’ve used it for the first drafts of motions. (I then move that language over to Casetext, which does a decent job of getting relevant supporting authority. Then I go through the language, review the supporting authority, and work it into my particular set of facts). I’ve also used it to generate an initial outline and questions for depositions.

Interesting how some lawyers jump on innovation to make their jobs easier – and in all likelihood improve the quality of their work product – while other lawyers criticize ChatGPT for all its shortcomings.