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Bill Gates Sees AI Chatbots Like ChatGPT as Important as PC’s and the Internet

February 2, 2023

Grace Kay of the Business Insider reports that Bill Gates, in speaking with Forbes, said AI chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT will become “every bit as important” as PCs or the internet.

“AI is going to be debated as the hottest topic of 2023,” Gates told Forbes. “And you know what? That’s appropriate.” 

For those who don’t recall, it was Gates and his Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen who, a few decades ago, darn near achieved their goal of putting a personal computer (PC) on everyone’s desk in the country.

Gates understands the impact of life changing technology.

Gates was a bit of a skeptic of OpenAI to start with.

When Microsoft first looked into partnering with OpenAI, he expressed doubts about the company’s technology, The Information reported. Sources familiar with the issue told the publication that the billionaire was “very engaged” in analyzing OpenAI’s technology ahead of the partnership, and was doubtful of the ability of AI to understand and contextualize human speech.

Microsoft has since invested at least eleven billion dollars in OpenAI and plans to include ChatGPT in their applications.