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Why Being Human Is Your Blog’s Biggest Asset

December 28, 2022

The key takeaway in a recent Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with brand strategist Jacqueline Lieberman was why being human is your brand’s biggest asset.

Bingo, a perfect way to put it for blogs published by legal professionals.

From marketing consultant and host of the podcast, John Jantsch, the key takeaway from Lieberman:

Brands are people’s introduction to businesses and their way to interact with companies. The more human a brand is, the better that interaction is going to be. All of the beloved brands that are out there are the ones that behave like human beings. They have a conscience, a point of view, a soul, and a personality.

All too often legal blogs read like a legal memorandum or a legal brief. They could be written by anyone with a basic understanding of the law. Even a law student or a junior lawyer writing for a veteran lawyer.

They lake any personality.

Blogs represent a golden opportunity to connect with clients, potential clients and influencers in a real and intimate . To build trust . To build relationships,

But you need to be human.