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Getting Stuck On Your Legal Blog Title

September 22, 2022

Lawyers and law firms stewing about the right name for their legal blog would be well advised to read the below blog post from leading marketer, Seth Godin.

Is To Kill a Mockingbird a good title? By most measures of most committees, definitely not. And yet, it clearly and most definitely worked.

Starbucks has nothing to do with Moby Dick. Nike is easy to mispronounce. 

The title is simply the thing you say when you talk about the thing to someone else.

It’s not the thing itself.”

Don’t waste a lot of time on the title of your blog. It’s number 12 on the top 10 things important to the success of a legal blog.

Go with a title that describes, in some way, what you’re covering and that you’ll like when you see the title in lights.

As Godin says. the title is simply the thing you label your blog when you talk about your blog to someone else.

  • My blog, XYZ.
  • I am the publisher of the legal blog, XYZ.
  • When including your blog in your email signature and profiles, ie, LinkedIn, Publisher of XYZ.

And no matter what you call your legal blog, most people will call your blog, ”Your Blog.”