By Kevin O'Keefe

Facebook is Feeling More Valuable for Networking Than LinkedIn

Facebook or LinkedIn?

Which is more valuable for networking and nurturing relationships as a lawyer?

This morning, I’m feeling strongly it’s Facebook.


I open Facebook and see people I want to see sharing items I enjoy seeing.

The people being customers, referral sources, past customers and leaders of corporations and organizations.

All people related to my business and my line of work. All people I know well, have a lot of respect for and would enjoy hanging out with anytime.

I scrolled down through the first thirteen posts in my Facebook feed for this scientific survey.

I had just come off of LinkedIn where I got advertisements, announcements of events I wouldn’t go to across the country, self shoutouts of awards received and legal news and announcements shared by people I didn’t know regarding items I didn’t care about.

In my first thirteen items on LinkedIn I received four advertisements of products irrelevant to me. A third of the posts, ads.

None of the thirteen posts were shared by people I’d like hanging out with or to even engage on LikedIn. I didn’t know any of them.

Don’t get me wrong. I use LinkedIn, I am sharing my thoughts here – and it’s possible there will be some engagment with folks I know or want to know as a result.

I fear that my posts, as here, which are also on my blog, will not get see by “everyone.”

I also see items posted by friends on which I’ll comment.

This morning though, I’m feeling pretty strongly the better place for my engaging people I know in the business world – including customers – is Facebook.

Plus we picked up a new customer this week via Facebook – a Midwest small firm lawyer who messaged me on Facebook Messenger. 😉

Kevin O'Keefe
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