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LinkedIn Spam Is Becoming Oppressive

LinkedIn, in my opinion, is becoming the leading social network for spam.

I get more requests to connect from salespeople, requests to follow law firms, companies and their groups, requests to meet with people I have no interest meeting, advertisements, self promotion in the form a new position, award, or seminar attendance and other spam on LinkedIn than any other place on the Internet.

What began almost twenty years ago as a way to build out a professional rolodex and evolved into a place for professional networking, via connecting and engaging other professionals is now a “look at me on this billboard.”

It’s sad.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some tasteful users. I saw some nice things shared by Deborah Brightman Farone and Stefanie Marrone this morning. Helpful info offered in a classy fashion.

There are a lot of other folks doing much the same. I am abt to comment on such offerings.

But the good is being drowned out by professionals, in my case lawyers and legal marketing/business professionals doing what they see others doing – and that’s a ton of self promotion.

Business professionals are quick to dismiss Facebook as a place to build and engage with your professional network. But in my case Facebook is a more professional and engaging network.

How did LinkedIn get this way? A couple things come to mind.

Professionals were afraid to use Facebook and Twitter. In many cases, they were told it was unprofessional and “unsafe.” So they jumped on LinkedIn, in spades.

Knowing little about how engagement is done by listening, commenting and offering value to the conversation, they just touted their wares and boasted of achievements.

Second, while Facebook and Twitter had algorithms to suppress this noise so we saw little, if any, spam, LinkedIn did not, or LinkedIn chose to allow the spam so as to increase the professional traffic of these new to “networking” spammers.

Who knows where it’s all headed?

I like LinkedIn, but it seems to be coming a place of less and less value.

Message me on LinkedIn and I’ll respond. Ask to connect, and I’ll accept the offer.

Unfortunately, these messages and requests to connect come mostly from spammers these days.