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Blogging a Good Answer For Those Concerned About Twitter

The New York Times’ Shira Ovide wraps up a good piece on free speech and social media this morning saying “There is no getting around the fact that Mr. Musk will join… the handful of corporate executives who have enormous say over granting or denying access to influential platforms of global discourse.”

Closed platforms ala Twitter do limit free expression for some and create a hostile environment for others in the preservation of free speech. No getting around that, though I find Twitter works well and will likely find the same when Musk takes control.

Before closed social platforms ala Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the Internet, at least for those in the U.S., was open and we exchanged information, insight and commentary, liberally, on blogs. Free speech was rampant on blogs – and still is.

If people have concerns about social media limiting free speech or creating an an environment they don’t like, why not take control of your expression and blog.

Blogging need not be hard nor in the form of long articles, blogging is a conversation where you own the platform.

After all, when Twitter started, it was labeled micro-blogging.