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Follow Law School, Bar Association and Law Library Twitter Lists for Black History in the Law

February 7, 2022

Law Schools and Bar associations are sharing some excellent stories as part of black history month.

The easiest way to follow these stories of black law students, professors, lawyers, judges and other legal professionals may be Twitter – and the Twitter lists I created for law schools and bar associations.

You can follow the Twitter list for law schools here and bar associations here. Add the law librarians and law libraries list too, they often share the most interesting stuff.

You can follow the #blackhistorymonth hashtag on Twitter, but the stories shared will not be limited to the law.

Here’s a few of the stories I’ve seen this month.

Twitter lists really enable you to hone in on the information you’d like to see and engage the people and organizations with whom you’d welcome building relationships.

#Blackhistorymonth included.