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Attorney and Blogger Aaron Lukken for the Win!

December 7, 2021

Lawyer? Looking to build a name for yourself? Want to grow your business?

Listen to Attorney Aaron Lukken of Viking Advocates.

How do you build a successful niche law firm?

You publish a blog.


Lukken sat down with legal journalist legend, Bob Ambrogi on the “This Week in Legal Blogging” podcast to discuss, in Lukken’s words,

…the massive impact The Hague Law Blog has had on my practice,” in which he blogs on transnational litigation issues, particularly service in cross border disputes.

Why a win, in addition to the massive impact on his practice?

From a United Nations Permanent Representative: “Aaron’s advice and informative blog have definitely been helpful to our transnational practice.

From an Associate Attorney in Oklahoma City, “I remember I had a niche question about serving a foreign corporation. Your blog was the only blog that answered my question. Thanks, Aaron!

From a Boston Attorney, “This is a great interview, and of course I can’t argue with the thesis that a niche blog is a great way to help develop a practice. Aaron has demonstrated as much to great effect in the field of cross-border service.”

From a New York attorney, “Aaron, your blog is one of my favorite legal blogs. I read it avidly.”

And from Ambrogi himself, “Really enjoyed speaking with you. You have so many valuable insights about building a practice, and how blogging can play a central role.”

The above quotes are pulled from comments to a post of Lukken’s and mine over on LinkedIn.

To get a link to the podcast and a breakdown on what was covered, head over to LexBlog for “Aaron Lukken on the power of blogging for lawyers in niche practice areas.”

I can only say it’s an honor to be able to help lawyers such as Lukken.

To help passionate, caring and experienced lawyers like Lukken accomplish so much through blogging, while at the same they are helpping others through blogging, is a real privilege.

On the fence about blogging? Talk to Aaron. He’s one of the more decent guys you’d ever want to meet. I’m sure he’d offer some help.