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There’s Gold in that Stream of Legal Blog Commentary

New England Farm in Winter, 1850 or after

November 24, 2021

I’ve come to realize that the most valuable asset LexBlog has is legal blog content authored by passionate, experienced and caring legal professionals.

Valuable to legal professionals and the public.

It’s like gold at the bottom of a stream. We’ve built a nice revenue stream by licensing a blog platform and related publishing solutions.

But at the bottom of the stream are gold nuggets. We’ve been so busy working on what we always worked on to see the gold and its potential.

No more.

We can take like minded content (blog posts) – the gold – and harvest the content by publishing it in a portal of blog posts.

Think about a publication on climate law, comprised of an aggregation of relevant blog posts.

Blogs, whether on the LexBlog platform or not, can be aggregated via their RSS feeds into this portal publication.

Add to this all blog posts, no matter the blog’s primary topic, referencing climate law. We can do this by identifying relevant words and phrases we’re looking for.

The result is a timely portal of the best of legal insight and commentary on climate law. New content the second the source publishes a post.

There’s some great writing on the net. The problem is finding it. Google is too big.

Randomly finding a piece on LinkedIn, Twitter and the like results in missing a lot.

Subscribing to one or two blog publications by emails is just that, one or two. You’re missing other bright minds.

Traditional large company and academic driven publishing is slow and often behind paywalls.

We need fast and open publishing to build upon and develop legal thinking, especially on something like climate law.

Time to do some panning of the gold.