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LawSites, by Ambrogi Turns Nineteen, Today

LawSites, a blog covering legal technology published by lawyer, veteran legal reporter and my friend, Robert Ambrogi, turned nineteen years old today.

A number of take always from this nineteen years – in addition to a big congrats to Bob.

  • Legal blogs have life, nineteen years is a long time.
  • Legal blogs shape the business and legal life of the blog publisher. The notoriety gained and relationships established through legal blogging, as Ambrogi is the first to acknowledge, put lawyers on the map.
  • Legal blogs have become the principal source of legal news. Legal tech companies clamor to get their stories to Ambrogi for coverage in LawSites. Ambrogi’s been told he was responsible for a company’s initial success. Others have blamed him for putting them out of business.
  • Legal Blogs are advancing legal technology. Knowledge and innovation are built upon writing. Who is doing what? How are they doing it? How will it be advanced? How is development being funded. LawSites, and a few other blogs are the primary building blogs of this knowledge.
  • Legal blogs have built an incredible body of knowledge thanks to bloggers such as Ambrogi. We’re probably approaching one million legal posts published across countless areas of law over the last nineteen years. When we harness this knowledge in an archived and effective fashion we’ll owe a debt of gratitude to folks like Ambrogi.

As Ambrogi post posted today,

“Over the course of 19 years, the world of legal technology has changed dramatically. Having a ringside seat to those changes has been a true gift.”

More than legal technology alone, Bob, you and other early legal bloggers have shaped the future of legal publishing, learning and even, career development in the law, through the advancement of legal blogging.