By Kevin O'Keefe

Twitter for Customer Service Works

Twitter for customer service?

Yes, Twitter is proving much more effective in getting good customer service from even the largest companies. More so than traditional customer service through email, chat, a phone call or a form on a company website.

I bought the premium level of service from Experian last week in order to get an “Experian Pin” that would qualify me, credit-wise, to obtain, immediately, a new service.

The Pin did not work with the service provider. But when I went back to the Experian site and app I found no way to cancel my trial subscription. Not doing so, I’d be on from month.

I tweeted Experian this AM and they responded immediately to take the discussion over to direct twitter where I provided my name, zip and phone. Direct Twitter after an open Tweet seems to work perfect.

Shortly thereafter, Experian direct tweeted that my subscription was cancelled and asked if there was anything more they could do. I said, “no” and thanked them.

I decided to use Twitter for fast action. Not because Experian displayed Twitter as a contact or customer service option. I just keyed in @Experian on Twitter and posed my issue.

I have done the same with banks, airlines, cellular companies and more. Never had a bad or slow experience.

Plus there is no waiting. While you are working on something else Tweets bubble up on your screen with a notice at which time you can reply.

Great way to get service and as a business owner, I’d want to be available to your customers for this type of service. They’ll tweet whether you say the option is available or not – as I did with Experian.

Kevin O'Keefe
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