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Back on the Air


Last year at the start of the Pandemic, coupled with the hardest days of my life, I went on the air (Facebook Live) covering a chapter a day of Legal Blogging in 45 Chapters.

Over the years, I’ve received regular requests to pen a book on legal blogging – the right way, the effective way to build a name and relationships. The task always felt too daunting, so I never wrote the book.

Last year I wanted to help lawyers with the loss of business they may experience from the pandemic. To help them develop reputations in niches in an opportunistic way.

I also needed to feel I was helping others to help me get through the grief I was experiencing.

Doing the videos would generate a transcript for each chapter – and the beginnings of a book.

So one day I clipped my iPhone back onto a tripod on the kitchen island and started broadcasting each weekday morning at 11 PT. A chapter a day.

About twenty-five days and twenty-five chapters in, the music died. I went off the air after my June 2, 2020 broadcast.

358 days later, yesterday I went back on the air from outside Scottsdale in Cave Creek, Arizona.

It wasn’t so much what I discussed (RSS), it was the fact that I got back at it.

I have a hard as heck time starting things I have procrastinated about. Even with a lot of encouragement from my team, I delayed and delayed getting back on the air.

A test day or two, like yesterday, though, and I’ll be back on the air in some form, starting next week.