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LexBlog’s Channel 9 is 99 Park Row


LexBlog’s Channel 9 is 99 Park Row.

Channel 9 was the channel on United Airlines where, as opposed to prescribed music on the other channels, passengers could listen to discussion in the cockpit.

I don’t recall where we got the earphones, but I do recall we plugged them in under the ashtray on the armrest.

Eighteen years ago, when its reputation was at a low, Microsoft created its own Channel 9 to enable the public to listen to the conversation among Microsoft developers. Rather than audio conversation, Microsoft developers blogged the conversation.

This enabled Microsoft customers and outside developers to speak to Microsoft employees without the intervention of the company’s PR department.

Microsoft’s strategy was to provide the company more of a face than solely that of its chairman, Bill Gates.

The concept worked. The company’s image improved and Channel 9 at Microsoft is still running.

99 Park Row, named after the address of a leading New York City news publisher of its day, will enable the public to listen to the discussion among our team.

Our audience includes customers, legal bloggers, legal professionals, legal tech companies, publishers, academics, students and others.

A repeated theme in meetings with customers over the last couple months has been a strong desire to know what LexBlog is seeing, thinking and working on.

Law firms and legal organizations can’t get enough information as to what’s ahead. Seeing the LexBlog team as a trusted source, they’re looking for us share what we’re seeing and doing.

Listening in to our conversation, via our blogging, the public get our insight on publishing, blogging, open law, technology, WordPress, social media and more.

Rather than talking to me, business development or support folks at LexBlog, you’ll be able to talk to any of my team members, via blogging and social media.

LexBlog has started company-wide blogging initiatives before. They’ve not fared well. I expect we’ll do better this time.

  • We owe it our customers and the legal community as a whole. LexBlog practically brought blogging, at the scale it is now, to the legal profession. We still breath everything blogging, including taking blogging to the next level by capturing and organizing the law generated through legal blogs. We have much to share.
  • We owe it to ourselves to blog. Blogging is how we, as professionals, learn. Not just by writing but by growing our knowledge network, internally and externally, by listening to bloggers outside LexBlog and engaging them via our blogging.
  • Blogging, as a conversation, is fairly easy and does not take much time. I read this (could be an internal or external piece), here’s what it said, here’s why I shared it and here’s my take. That’s a nice blog post.
  • The LexBlog team team is performing at a higher level. We’re gelling, collaborating and supporting each other. I expect team members will have each other’s back when it comes to entering into this conversation.
  • LexBlog is a blogging company. As a team loyal to each other and the public, we blog. It’s what we do.

Greg Storey, our COO, penned a piece introducing 99 Park Row and a piece describing the develop work (design, typography, imagery) that’s going on behind the scenes on a product on which 99 Park Row runs.

Listen in.