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Real Lawyers To Stage Road Show at Clio Cloud Conference

October 17, 2019

Real Lawyers will be staging a road show at the Clio Cloud Conference in San Diego next Monday and Tuesday.

Real Lawyers has staged road shows in cities across the United States, Canada and Europe over the last fifteen years.

We’ll be there live video interviewing legal tech entrepreneurs, legal bloggers who are connecting with people and advancing the law, speakers (the likes of whom are not seen at other legal conferences), and attendees.

People’s stories – the highs, the lows, the advances they have made to serve others, and the impact this had on themselves and their families is the stuff that the life is made of.

It’s these stories Real Lawyers is after – to shine a light on our guest and their work.

Real Lawyers, as it always has, will:

  • Conduct interviews on Facebook Live
  • Run the interviews on LexBlog’s YouTube Channel, with a transcript following, on Real Lawyers.
  • Sharing the interviews across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • With Real Lawyers being a member of the LexBlog network, LexBlog, closing on 30,000 bloggers strong, will run the interviews across its site and via its Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Real Lawyers will be on Facebook Live on my Facebook from about 12 ET through 8 ET, each Monday and Tuesday.

We have a number of people scheduled to be on Real Lawyers at Clio. If you are interested in being on, drop me an email,, or call/text, 206-321-3627. You can also reach LexBlog’s associate editor, Melissa Lin, who is producing Real Lawyers at Clio, at

I have really enjoyed my association and friendship with Jack and the Clio team, since the company’s inception.

Clio’s conference is so much more than other legal conferences. Clio Con, as I’ve always called it, focuses on advancing lives for the better. The lives of lawyers and their families and the lives of the people we serve who have no effective access to legal services.

Lawyers leave Clio Con empowered and inspired.

Real Lawyers road show at Clio hopes to capture a slice of the “Clio community and cause” in action. To hear and shine a light on the drive, courage and vision of those bringing change to the business of law, for good.

I hope you’ll feel inspired by watching.

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