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LexBlog Product Roadmap Update for Fall 2019

September 24, 2019

Josh Lynch, our CTO, shared with the team last week an update of our product roadmap for this Fall.

Any company obsessed with customers is going to be advancing technology all of the time, especially tech companies where we’re constantly shipping (delivering) software to customers.

Software delivered in the form of core updates, features and user experience enhancements is not always apparent to the user and customer. That may not matter so long as the experience gets better and better.

I suggested to the team though that we get better in sharing what we’re working on and what we’re thinking. Give you a look inside the factory to see what’s going on and to give us a little direction along the way.

As a blogging company filled with bloggers, it’s not like all we have are press releases and a website to “communicate” with you.

Short of detailed explanations, here’s our Fall roadmap.

Roadmap Methodology

A roadmap is a guide, not a detailed project plan, and this is a 666 Roadmap. We are considering the vision of the company (six years), while planning work supporting the vision in Themes (six months), and executing on the current Theme backlog (six weeks). 

In-Progress Roadmap Items

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