We are seeking someone with passion to become our Communications and Marketing Lead.

Working with company leadership, team members and external resources, you will develop, lead and execute all internal and external communications and marketing, reaching people and organizations, worldwide.

This is not a position for someone seeking the monotony of a larger organization. You will be challenged to work outside your comfort zone in order to grow professionally and personally. We will support you and provide opportunities for growth because we believe in helping our team members realize their potential and dreams.

Responsibilities include:

  • Live and communicate LexBlog’s values, internally and externally. Our values enable team members to act with “Integrity in the Moment of Choice” and our audience to know us.
  • Own and present the LexBlog brand, internally and externally.
  • Develop and lead an authentic social media plan, calling on the talent, energy and personal involvement of the entire LexBlog team.
  • Develop and execute your own personal brand via social media, conferences and business relationships.
  • Develop, recommend, and lead company communications and marketing plans.
  • Increase recognition of the company and our products.
  • Work closely with our sales team so that they may help you, and you them.

You will own this role if:

  • You like having fun
  • You like growing
  • You like working with company leadership on a regular basis
  • Have a ton of energy
  • Have a passion for social media, no matter the form
  • You are organized and systematic to a fault
  • You like people and enjoy meeting new people
  • You are a good writer
  • You know done is better than perfect
  • You do what it takes

About LexBlog

Founded in 2004 to empower lawyers to increase their visibility and accelerate their business relationships through blogging, LexBlog is the hub that brings together many of the best legal minds on the web. Its publishing platform, offered as software as a service (SaaS), powers more than 15,000 legal bloggers and over half of the nearly 1,500 blogs published by the 200 largest U.S. law firms. By expanding LexBlog to blogs not published on its platform, LexBlog is building the largest and most comprehensive legal news and information network in the world.

Look forward to talking with you. Drop an email to kevin@lexblog.com or  jobs@lexblog.com.

PS - LexBlog believes in hiring PhD’s* (poor, hungry and driven).

* “We’re not talking about people being poor economically. We’re talking about being poor in terms of knowledge, about people who are constantly searching to learn more, to find more wisdom. And hungry in this context refers to those with a tremendous desire to succeed, people who won't ever be satisfied with an ordinary level of accomplishment. And driven people are the ones who set ambitious goals and then pursue them with real ferocity.” - Mario Gabelli
  • shg

    Have you considered hiring someone with minimum skills instead of someone with passion? It might prove more effective. I might consider applying, except I have no clue what “Integrity in the Moment of Choice” means.

    • I have seen folks, including lawyers, with “experience” who couldn’t inspire themselves to do good work, let alone inspire others to act. The minimal skills will self self select. Clear oversight in my not reaching out to you directly.

      • shg

        Whenever I go to the doctor’s, I ask her if she’s passionate. She tells me to bend over. I still don’t know what that means, but she’s a damn fine doc and I’m good with that. Phone lines are open, by the way.

  • Jerry Kalish

    Open Comment to anyone seeking what could be a once in a career opportunity.This coming from someone who has been a client since Kevin started the firm and growing up with LexBlog as a client. To put it into perspective, a time in which Facebook was launching and LinkedIn and Twitter didn’t exist. This is for real.

    • Thanks Jerry, we need to catch up one of my trips back to Chicago. Ambrogi and I are talking about touring the country a bit to interview bloggers.