By Kevin O'Keefe

Why law bloggers ought to use Facebook


American’s use of Facebook continues to grow — big time. Blogging lawyers not using Facebook to nurture relationships and build a word of mouth reputation may want to think again.

The numbers from a just released comScore study are shocking.

Forget about the use of Facebook trailing off among millennials. Nearly 100% of those age 18-34 use Facebook. And they are using Facebook almost 1,200 minutes per month or over 30 minutes a day.

No other social network comes close.  Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn follow next in penetration. But none of them reaches even 70% use and the average monthly minutes per user aren’t even close to Facebook.

Facebook for lawyers

When you get to the 35 and over age group, the results are not any different.

About 92% use Facebook. The average monthly minutes for these visitors is approximately 900. Again, about 30 minutes a day.

Less than 50% of those over 35 use LinkedIn or Twitter. The time spent on these social networks barely registers off the bottom line.

Facebook for lawyers

Though lawyers try to differentiate their personal and professional personas on social media, it’s just not a prudent move when it comes to Facebook. Though viewed as social network for personal exchanges, Facebook has become the place of record online for people to mingle – whether on personal or professional matters.

In addition to exchanges, Facebook has become a leading source of news and information for many Americans. It’s why advertisers are shifting monies from digital sites, including those of major news publications, to Facebook.

Facebook being a good fit for business development networking should really come as no surprise to good lawyers. Business development is all about nurturing relationships with people.

Relationships leading to business and trust can be nurtured by serving on on civic boards, by coaching little league, by attending chamber of commerce meetings or going to neighborhood socials. Facebook is not that much different, it has become the town square for news, discussion and exchange on both personal and professional matters.

What role does a lawyer’s blog play? One, it sets them apart from other lawyers. They’ve written the publication of record on a niche. They’re established enough in their field to offer information and commentary. They’ll be viewed differently than other lawyers on Facebook.

Two, Facebook is a great place to post one’s blog posts. Take a portion of a post, a summary, or maybe the whole post (if it’s not too long) and copy it into Facebook.

Discussion has moved from comments on a blog to social networks. Engaging in commentary on your posts (and others) on Facebook builds relationships, trust, and authority.

Like it or not, lawyers need to recognize Facebook has become America’s social network. The evidence is overwhelming.

To build relationships and grow a word of mouth reputation, lawyers ought to be using Facebook.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Sarah Marshall 

Kevin O'Keefe
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