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Is it really this easy?

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Florida lawyer and veteran blogger, Rick Georges (@rickgeorges) says there’s no magic formula for getting on page one of the Google search results. 

No, you can’t game the Google system. The best way to get on Page One is to post quality content early and often. Interact with your clients and customers. Read and recognize the quality content of others. No easy way to freedom.

George, a long time contributor to continuing legal education nationally in the area of practice management is sickened by lawyers paying content marketers hawking ROI, conversion credit, analytics and click through rate. Georges says save your money.

I create content. If it is good, readers will find it. There are plenty of free ways to get content out there in the social media Internet. Post often, post everywhere, recognize good writing in others. These are how the frugal lawyer builds an audience. Of course, if you have money to spend, and don’t want to learn how to create a platform for your content, call Kevin O’Keefe and let him teach it to you. There are plenty of ways to learn about social media and blogging. For me and mine, I just want to create interesting things to read.

Hey, I’ll take the plug from Georges. I’m of the same “If you build it, they will come” school of blogging. I discovered Georges through blogging and now regularly read his blog and share his posts.

Lawyers blogging in a real and authentic way in a niche area, whether by local or area of practice, will get found by clients, prospective clients, referral sources, bloggers, association leaders and reporters. It just happens.

Nothing magical about Google. If you’re looking for local clients a locally focused well written blog will get found by people doing relevant searches. Google will match you up, it knows where you both are.

Recognize other’s valuable and relevant content in your own blogging and will get you seen by them. You’ll start to get cited and have your content shared — this tells Google that your blog is of value so Google can push your posts to the first page of search results.

On social media there’s no substitute for good blogging done personally. Your posts will be shared meaning even more people will come to know and trust you and your posts. These folks will share your posts with their connections, followers and friends on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

I was talking to a lawyer from Florida today who was seeking LexBlog’s help. Like everyone, he asked how do people find my blog posts. I said it’s like the movie. He knew the movie I spoke of and after explaining the philosophy of George’s and I, he agreed it made a lot of sense — especially as compared to the marketing he was considering.

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