Funny thing happened with the advent of and increasing use of social networks. Law blogs became more important.

Popular discussion of late has been that with the increasing use of social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook) blogs have become less important. After all, all of your clients, prospective clients and their influencers (bloggers, traditional media, heavy social media users) are on these social networks.

But what are folks reading and consuming on these social networks? Media.

Media, in the case of business and legal professionals, being insight and commentary often published by other business and legal professionals.

Digital media travels on social networks. Call it blog content, magazine content or niche/mini-site content, it doesn’t mater. Content from these sort of publications published by your peers and associates is getting shared — and shared liberally — on social networks.

The content isn’t being just shared on social networks by the publisher of the content (lawyer or business professional). It’s being shared by others who are active on social media.

Before social networks, blogs and digital media moved via search, RSS and email. Today, such content is moving nearly as much by social as by search.

I am finding about 45% of my blog traffic coming from Google search and 35% coming from social networks.

For lawyers and law firms, blog and other content publishing on the likes of WordPress, has become all the more important with the increasing use of social networks.

By failing to make the move to more digital publishing you’ll be conspicious by your absence, competitors will be beating you to the punch and you’ll be missing out on niche business and professional development opportunities.

Rather than viewing social networks as a replacement of blogs, view social networks as a vehicle for getting your insight and commentary seen — and the opportunity of building relationships and word of mouth as a result.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Nattu