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WordPress is democratizing publishing and development to empower us all

WordPress development platform

Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt), co-founder of WordPress, used to say WordPress is democratizing publishing. Mullenweg now describes WordPress as democratizing publishing and development.

Rather than WordPress serving as just a powerful content management system, WordPress is becoming an application development framework. WordPress will serve as a platform enabling developers to build whatever they need in order to deliver media.

A perfect example is StoryCorps, an organization that aims “to provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives.” Featured stories will be broadcast nationally on NPR.

Per a recent post by WordPress developer and writer, Brian Krogsgard (@Krogsgard) on how StoryCorps uses WordPress:

The latest initiative for creating ways for people to share their story is via, a website and companion apps that make it easy for anyone with a smartphone to record an interview and publish it. is built on WordPress, and utilizes the WordPress REST API to enable access to a customized content architecture. The StoryCorps app utilizes the API to consume data and publish stories from the app back to the website.

Jared Sulzdorf (@j_sulz), LexBlog’s Product Manager, shared word of Krogsgard’s post with me because of LexBlog’s current use of WordPress as a publishing platform and impending use of WordPress as a development platform.

Jared explained he’s excited about WordPress’ serving as development platform for any number of reasons, including the following examples.

  • WordPress is developing a very interesting API that turns what has historically been “just” a content management system into a framework for developing on any platform – be it a browser or phone. Moving it well beyond a blogging platform.
  • The API opens things up for deep integration with other bits of software (think about sending blog data back into Salesforce for example) and some really interesting opportunities for plugin development (a true aggregation engine for LXBN comes to mind – one that could power network sites).
  • Building a mobile app on WordPress is an amazing concept. Imagine a podcasting app that lets you interview someone, jot down a few notes, and publish a post on your blog all in one interface, without having to log in and out of twenty different services. The same goes for shooting a video. That’s the sort of world that we could be moving into with WordPress as it matures.

For you as a law firm, other professional services firm, citizen journalist or publisher this progression of WordPress is an exciting development. Companies such as a LexBlog can develop and put in your hands easy to use and effective publishing and media solutions enabling you to publish or cover events like never before.

Rather than relying on traditional media and legacy publishers to get your insight or story out, WordPress has democratized the opportunity for you to do so directly. You’ll be able to do so because WordPress has democratized the ability of companies like LexBlog to develop applications and solutions.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Tom Woodward

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