Anyone running a large scale blog publishing platform with thousands of authors will tell you that it is no trivial matter.

Especially so when the authors include lawyers from leading law firms, large and small, from around the world. Stability, security, and performance are a must.

For the last three or four months, LexBlog’s product and technology teams have been working on a major upgrade to our platform. An upgrade that will enable iterative upgrades and regular feature additions.

Sitting in a products’ meeting today I was happy to hear that we’ll be rolling out the upgrades on or before schedule in early February.

Improvements and upgrades include:

  • Much improved speed for better user experience for authors and readers.
  • Responsive and flexible publishing dashboard which will enable authors to publish from any mobile device, in addition to their desktops. I love that as I publish on my iPad and edit on my iPhone.
  • Much improved search so that authors and readers can easily find what they are looking for on individual blogs.
  • Increased stability and security, brought about through a number of items, including developing our own plugins and using an optimum hosting environment.
  • Various features requested by our law firm network members.

LexBlog’s publishing platform is a custom developed platform designed to meet the needs of professionals. We use WordPress as our “core” software, but from that base everything is customized for stability, security, and performance — as well as the features lawyers and other professionals require.

Working with lawyers on blogging longer than anyone in the industry (ten plus years) has enabled our products’ team to have as much knowledge as anyone in knowing what it takes to deliver an optimum blog publishing platform. It requires a happy medium of what law firms want while knowing what works best.

Law firms could decide to run a WordPress blog platform on their own or have website developers who have not been working with WordPress for professionals for years. We’re finding, as I have blogged before, here and here, that law firms do not want to assume the risks.

Keeping a self operated WordPress blog platform has proven to be a real challenge for everyone, including law firms. Less than 20% of WordPress sites are up to date. Nearly 86 percent of all WordPress installations are vulnerable to a recently discovered security flaw. Both leave blogs susceptible to being hacked and raise other security concerns.

I’m excited about rolling out these upgrades to our network members. I’m also excited about the continuing commitment we’re making to technology and development. It’s going to give LexBlog an edge in the market place and deliver our clients the best professional blog publishing platform in the business.

Image courtesy of Flickr by daily sunny