Ever wonder if anyone is listening to items you share on Twitter?

As of this week, Twitter analytics are available on its iPhone app that will show you how many impressions your tweets get and chart other engagement, including retweets and favorites.

To reach your analytics on your iPhone, just click on one of your tweets, then tap the “View Tweet Activity” beneath the post. Via Mashable, here’s how it looks on your iPhone.

Twitter analytics

Don’t get too wigged out if the level of engagement on your tweets is not that high. A sizable and engaged following on Twitter, achieved by sharing niche related items blogged, reported and tweeted by others, takes time to build.

If you’re like me you are sharing blog posts and news stories of others. More important than analytics is the engagement I have and resulting relationships I build with these bloggers and reporters who see me socially moving their items across Twitter.

Finally, your own blog posts moving across Twitter will not necessarily be measured by these analytics. Others will be sharing your posts on their own. The short urls for your posts may also change depending on the sharing application, ie, Hootsuite, others are using. This would change your tweet.

Nonetheless, it’s always fun looking at stats – even if they don’t tell us as much as we think they do. You’ll just need an iPhone and the most current version of Twitter’s app.