I have the pleasure of speaking to members of the Washington State Association of Justice tomorrow. The program is “Building A Plaintiff’s PI Practice
from the Ground Up
” and I’ll be speaking on the Power of The Blog.

It’s an honor to speak to plaintiff’s trial lawyers as they champion the cause of consumers and everyday people across this country. I can relate well having been a trial lawyer for 17 tears and serving on the board of state’s trial lawyers association.

Here’s a copy of the deck I will be using¬†from Slideshare.

Here are ten posts on the power of blogging that I will be sharing.

  • shg

    Listicles. When actual thought is too much trouble. Have fun, Kev.

    • I’ll confess I was struck by the number of reecnt posts on blogging titled as a list etc. Heavier than I thought it would be. Comes from posts and articles others have done. I may leverage their points or bullets, but on each point my readers get my actual thinking – something that does take some time on my part. I’m not as smart as the average Joe out there.