Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt), co-founder of WordPress, reports that The New Yorker online is now running on WordPress.

WordPress provides The New Yorker a more robust and user-friendly CMS (content management system), per Nicholas Thompson (@nxthompson), the magazine’s online editor.

We’re looking at almost total upside there. Because the tools are no longer getting in the way of producers doing their job, is now able to publish a greater volume of stories every day. The site used to top out at 10 or 12 stories each day: now, it publishes around 20 per day. “It’s a lot easier to be productive now, and we can now make the site fresh a lot more quickly than we used to.

Look at The New Yorker’s site. It’s eloquent and is at least the equal of the magazine in look, feel, and, of course, the copy. All on blog software.

The New Yorker on WordPress

Could you imagine five or ten years ago that as a law firm that you could be publishing on the same platform as The New Yorker and with comparable design? Hardly.

But that’s the opportunity you have as a law firm today. Share the insight and commentary of your lawyers on niche areas of law on the same publishing and distribution platform as major publications.

Mullenweg has democratized publishing for you.