Did you start blogging because you want people to come to your site, subscribe to your blog and eventually hire you?

Such blogs are solely profit driven, and they usually fail, per research done by B2B marketing consultant, Greg Digneo (@GregDigneo).

The content soon reflects these motives and the blog is dull, boring, and uninspired.

Traffic never comes.

Email subscribers are few and far between.

And in the end, the blog shrivels up and dies.

Which blogs succeed in growing business? Purpose driven blogs.

A purpose driven blog is one that provides unique value to an audience. The readers of the blog can’t find the content anywhere else in the blogosphere.

The legal blogosphere is filled with blogs that are not purpose driven. Unfortunately, that includes many on LexBlog’s LXBN network.

Law bloggers are not asking why would someone want to read my blog and what value am I providing to a niche community. Law bloggers are driven by profit, and their blogs show it.

I am right with Digneo.

Once you transition from a profit mentality to a purpose mentality, your blog will grow in popularity while generating more leads and more revenue.

The Internet is all about helping people, especially so for lawyers. As Zig Ziglar said, you can have everything you want so long as you help others get what they want.

Find a niche community in the law that is being underserved. Pour your heart into helping others and you’ll have great success in blogging.

You’ll be publishing a purpose driven blog.