Lawyers and law firms may no longer delay. All of their websites and blogs need to be optimized for mobile.

Look no further than Kaylene Hong’s (@kaylenehong) report this morning for The Next Web that Lenovo, the world’s largest vendor of PC’s by sales volume, is becoming more of a mobile firm. It’s selling more smartphones than PCs for the first time ever.

In fiscal Q1 2013, Lenovo’s combined sales of smartphones and tablets surpassed PCs for the first time ever — and now smartphones alone are outselling PCs.


Early this year, Lenovo cemented its commitment to smartphones, especially in the West, by agreeing to acquire Motorola from Google for $2.91 billion.

For law firms, nothing says we’re behind the times, we’re not innovative, and we don’t care about inconveniencing you than websites and blogs which cannot be easily viewed on a smartphone.

Know what it’s like to juggle a coffee or umbrella in one hand while trying to “spread” the text on your site on my iPhone in the other hand? If it’s a blog or news, forget it, I am not going to bother. If it’s a website and I am looking for contact or bio info, I am getting ticked at you for doing this to me.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking “our audience is more desktop and laptop than mobile.” That’s bunk and backward thinking.

Your stats may indicate lower mobile traffic because all the people using mobile (smartphone and tablet) to read blogs and news have moved on. They’re not going to be inconvenienced by your poor practices.

Lawyers and law firms tend to be all consumed in getting traffic to their websites and blogs. They’ll spend money and time trying to generate traffic.

Why do it? Nearly the half the people coming to your sites are on mobile. You’re showing your inneptness and annoying them. They’re not coming back, unless they have to.

Better yet, spend the time and money on getting your site and blogs mobile optimized. Today that’s going to mean responsive design/development.

2015 is going to be the tipping point for most folks. We’re going to consume more content on mobile than on PC’s.

Mobile devices are in our pockets and purses. Content is moving on social more than via search, and social is viewed on mobile.

You cannot afford not to be mobile optimized.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Leon Fishman