A friend and legal profession emailed me this morning with a good question.

What would would be the first five things I’d tell any attorney about blogging before they got started?

My answer:

  1. Blogging requires passion. What are you passionate about? Really.
  2. Identify with specificity the type of work you want to do and who you want to do it for. Blog the right way and you will get what you wish for. Best be careful what you wish for.
  3. Clearly identify your target audience. Clients and prospective clients, though within your target audience, are not as important as influencers. Who are the influential bloggers, reporters, publishers, association executives, conference leaders, and business/industry people in the area in which you will be blogging? These people, through proper engagemment, will shape your identity.
  4. Understand that blogging is a conversation. Listening is more important than content. Have a keen understanding of how to use listening tools to follow sources and subjects. Subjects, including terms of art, laws, and company names, can be more important than sources.
  5. Be prepared to spend money so as to save money and make money. Most lawyers waste countless hours blogging without significant business development success. You need not only effective technology, including professional design and development, but good blog coaching and consulting. Do not let anyone tell you blogging can be done well on the cheap. So can wiring your house – if you’re an electrician and you have the time.

Brief and to the point, but I thought worth sharing with you.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Alan Levine

  • Tip number 1 here is by far the best way to get going. So many people decide to start blogging for no particular reason, with no particular passion in mind – as a result, after a few posts they get bored, stop posting, and it fizzles out.

    Passion for the subject matter and the audience will keep you going through the black spots, but also help you constantly identify and help with issues that your target audience want to hear about.

    A great list to get started with.

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