From software developer and blog pioneer Dave Winer (@davewiner) this morning on “Why Blog?

The mission of blogging is to empower all of us to go directly to each other with our expertise. So if you know something as well as anyone else, or you learn something or know something that should be shared, then you should share it on your blog.

So many lawyers know something as well as anyone else. So many learn things that should be shared (forgetting confidences here).

As Winer says, “Most people aren’t compelled to share their ideas, thinking, knowledge and expertise.”

But some are. That’s why we blog. We’re driven to share. We’re driven to give of ourselves.

Only a blog has lasting value, per Winer.

A tweet stream is more ephemeral, it can evaporate almost instantly.

Not saying that quick comments shouldn’t be tweeted, but when you figure something out that’s not trivial, if it has value, you’re wasting it if you put it on Twitter or Facebook.

Good blogging can get drowned out by “content marketing” for attention, sales, and traffic. Far too many lawyers look at blogging as a means to help themselves, as opposed to a means of helping others. I can be guilty of this at times.

Funny thing though. The more you share to help others, the more you establish trust and enhance your reputation, the lynchpins of growing your business.

For those lawyers blogging to share their expertise, ideas, and what they’re learning, keep it up. Good blogging helps the people we serve as well as advance the law.

On the fence about blogging? We can use good caring lawyers. Far too many niche areas of the law and locales are unserved by blogging lawyers.

Many of us got into the law to serve and to share. Good fit as that’s why we blog.

Image courtesy of Flickr by C!