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Blog daily : Seth Godin’s advice to all entrepreneurs

January 2, 2014


As shared by legal marketing consultant, Adrian Dayton, Seth Godin was recently asked what is the one habit you would recommend to all entrepreneurs.

Blog daily was Godin’s advice.

Blogging helps you to be more honest with yourself. It allows you to keep thinking of new ideas and forces you to communicate these ideas.

I’ve been following and reading Godin, an author, marketer, and public speaker, for a long time. We both started to blog about the same time and exchanged a few emails about blogging, back in the day when ‘celebrity bloggers’ (him, not me) were easily accessible.

One of the things I liked about Godin’s blog was his brief down to earth sharing and commentary. Back when it seems there as a millionth as many blogs as today, Godin was there every day for me. Still is.

Turns out he was getting as much out of his blog as me and other readers.

I try to blog each day. It’s my way of sharing with you what I’m reading and thinking about. Blogging is my way of digesting new ideas, formulating my views, and continuing to learn. I cannot imagine a better way of learning than blogging.

Twitter is where you get everything I’ve read that I believe worthwhile. Blogging is where I share what I’ve read and provide my honest down to earth take on it.

By reducing my thoughts to writing, communicating them to the world, and getting feedback (comments here are where I receive the least feedback), I get new ideas, toss others to the curb, and discover ways LexBlog can improve its offering to lawyers and other professionals.

Perhaps everyday is too much for you. But I can think of worse habits.

And for lawyers who don’t think they’re entrepreneurs, think again. You have identified and started a business venture more than once and continue to do so today. Becoming a lawyer, growing as a lawyer, getting better at serving clients, and growing your business is all about entrepreneurship.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Steve Jurvetson.

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