Golf Channel Analyst, Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel), writes over on Golf.com that tournament pros, admittedly a much smaller group than lawyers, are more connected than ever because of Twitter.

Chamblee questions whether some pros are doing little more than killing time between rounds and travel, with some even getting drawn into conversations with social media morons. But he acknowledges plenty of players have harnessed the positive powers of Twitter.

Guys like Bubba Watson, Jason Dufner and Keegan Bradley, through lively and good-natured tweeting, have bolstered their brands more than any publicist could—without giving in to the defensive impulse to answer idiots who goad them.

It’s hard to know how many lawyers are on Twitter? About 1,000 of the 8,000 lawyers blogging on our LexBlog Network have a Twitter account. Already blogging, these lawyers already ahead of the curve and more likely to be using Twiter.

Asked at a legal marketing luncheon last week I guessed it was 5 to 10% of lawyers who use Twitter. If you’re talking those lawyers truly engaging other lawyers, the legal community, the media, and their niche and local communities, we’re probably in the 2 to 5% area.

Those lawyers, admittedly a small group, are more connected than ever because of Twitter.

  • Following and engaging lawyers across their state and the country.
  • More abreast of breaking legal and mainstream news.
  • Following and engaging legal bloggers and publishers.
  • Following and engaging local, trade, and national media.
  • Following and engaging business associates, including sources of referrals.
  • Following and engaging courts and bar associations.
  • Within limits following and engaging clients and prospective clients.

As a result these lawyers are better lawyers, better connected with the people and communities they represent, and connected with the media and influencers in ways a publicist would die for.

There may be some mindless chatter by lawyers on Twitter.

There’s also a lawyer or two that’ll get drawn into engages with social media morons. Heck, it’s not beyond a lawyer to behave like a social media moron.

Over all though, Twitter exchanges among lawyers are worthwhile exchanges. Sure, not every tweet will emit 140 characters of legal scholarship. Many exchanges are social exchanges building relationships where none existed before and relationships of trust where trust is sorely needed.

Agree? Are lawyers better connected than ever because of Twitter? Are lawyers the better for being connected on Twitter.

Image courtesy of Flickr by NASA Goddard Space and Flight Center.