20131102-221453.jpg Per a study released by LinkedIn, over three quarters of businesses using content marketing are publishing with blogs.

No surprise that short form social media, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, at 87%, lead the way in tactics used by content marketers. It takes a minute or two to share something on short form social media.

Articles on websites (81%) and email newsletters (80%) are just ahead of blogs. Pretty amazing in that businesses laughed off blogs as a serious business development and marketing tool only six or seven years ago.

Where are law firms compared to businesses in general? They’re just ahead, using the Am Law 200 as a guide. 78% of those firms (alll of which use some form of content to market) are publishing blogs. This from the LexBlog Network’s State of the Am Law 200 Blogosphere released earlier this year.

Why are law firms increasingly selecting blogs as their publishing platform of record? Any number of reasons.

  • Ease of use and time savings. Having marketing professionals get content on websites and distribute email newsletters takes time and is not always easy. Lawyers can log in and publish to blogs directly. The first large law firms publishing with the LexBlog Network did so because they wished to get away from the headaches of email newsletters.
  • Blogs are looked at as more credible sources for news, insight, and information. Just look at how blogs are cited by the media and other blogs. And even read by clerks in our federal court system – even Supreme Court clerks.
  • Blogs are more apt to be shared socially.
  • Blogs do exceedingly well on search.
  • Lawyers and law firms are getting business and growing revenues as a result of blogging.
  • Use of dissemination and reading on mobile.

Don’t be surprised in the coming year to see blogs the preferred publishing platform of record for marketers, law firms included.

Image courtesy of Flickr by mkhmarketing.