Winding down the week on a very cliche Seattle day (cold, dreary, damp, the Mariners being a complete mess), it’s time to look back once again at the new publications joining our expanding network. First, we have one that is especially pertinent for law firms during these challenging times. And then, with our second, Canadian law firm McCarthy Tetrault keeps plowing forward with more new blogs—if we weren’t partnering on these, we’d almost have to start worrying their network would eventually eclipse our own.

  • It goes without saying: now is as trying a time as any for lawyers and law firms. Large firms are constantly reorganizing, merging with others or falling apart completely. Aiming to provide a valuable resource in times of such dramatic change, we have Managing Law Firm Transition from Roger Hayse and Andrew Jillson of Hayse LLC. While these times bring on massive challenges, they bring opportunities too—and this experienced team plans to shed light and share their expertise on each.
  • After launching two publications just last week, premiere Canadian law firm McCarthy Tetrault steams ahead as they, this week, debut the Consumer & Retail Advisor. What’s interesting about this blog—that the title gives away—is that it provides insight for both the retailers and consumers, as they aim to discuss industry trends, product issues, legal developments, business events and other pertinent topics of interest.