20130215-085042.jpg While Google sites command the largest audience, Facebook demands the most attention of Americans. This per Jennifer Grove (@jbruin) of CNet reporting on a study from ComScore looking at December Web usage.

  • Facebook was the top Web destination with a 10.8 percent share of total time spent online during the month. Google was at 10 percent
  • Facebook accounted for 5 out of every 6 minutes spent on social sites, or 83 percent of time spent online on social-networking sites
  • No other social property even comes close to attracting the same amount of attention as Facebook. No. 2 Tumblr barely racked up 6 percent of time on social-networking sites, and Pinterest and Twitter each accounted for less than 2 percent of online social attention in December.

Lawyers and law firms cannot ignore Facebook. It’s too big and it’s commanding the attention of a good portion of the audience you are looking to engage.

The logic of networking in person is to go where the people are. You don’t get to make people come to you, you have to go where they feel comfortable. For the majority of Americans online that’s Facebook.

Getting your lawyers and law firm on Facebook should not be big ordeal. You need not create a Facebook law firm page or hire a social media coordinator to run it.

If you’re a lawyer and already using Facebook. Keep using it. Get to know people, nurture relationships, and have some fun. Odds are you’ll be engaging with business associates, referral sources, clients, and prospective clients along the way. It just happens, you cannot help it.

If you’re a law firm, educate your lawyers as to what I just said. It’s okay to use Facebook, it’s not just a ‘personal use’ social network with LinkedIn being the professional network.

If you engage business associates and referral sources at your kids soccer game, resulting in getting to know each other and establishing a semblance of trust between you, that’s okay, even if it’s ‘personal’ versus a ‘professional business’ meeting.

I’m using Facebook more and more. I am enjoying the heck out of getting to know better personal friends, relatives, business leaders, clients, and probably, potential clients. I cannot help it.